Synthetic Clay Courts

JUBO TENNIS is always available to you to build high quality clay tennis courts with excellent functionalities.

Our extensive experience in the sports construction sector (particularly in clay courts for tennis) enables us to identify those that are most appreciated by the majority of players, though these are often very difficult and expensive to maintain.

Thus, we recommend the ‘Synthetic Clay’ system: a tennis court whose finish and game play are identical to the traditional clay court, but usable all year round no matter the climate. Moreover, the associated maintenance costs are much reduced.


AWhether the court is in a very dry, humid or damp area, clay courts are now viable! The main advantages are:

* Drainage that is never blocked Play is possible sooner and no puddles remain after the rain.
* A tennis court with excellent planimetrics: no unevenness or bumps, always perfect.
* Maintenance is merely a little water and a pass with the mat. Nothing else. Frosts and repairing the surface after each game are a thing of the past.
* A system certified by the Spanish Tennis Federation and the International Tennis Federation. A tennis court for amateurs and professionals alike.

The synthetic clay system comprises a permeable carpet with a three-dimensional structure composed of ultra-resistant fibres, UV protected and bonded to the surface.

Clay fills and completely covers the carpet, which sustains and keeps it cohesive perfectly. This textile support is installed directly onto new or renewed courts, whether with a porous, floating or polished concrete base, or even with asphalt.

The system lasts indefinitely as the textile support is perfectly covered and protected by the clay – the true playing surface.


The synthetic clay system is finished in much the same way as classic clay courts, but it offers the clear advantages of being a flooring on which you can play year round while requiring little maintenance which is both economic and easy.

In terms of bounce, it reproduces all the characteristics of a good clay surface, with permanent regularity even on the tramlines.

Our courts and work are our best advertisement; contact us and we will let you know which of our courts are closest to you so you can see the quality of our materials and finishes, as well as our satisfied clients and users.