Mondo Turf

JUBO TENNIS opts for MONDO artificial turf. This company is the only holistic company at present, as they design their products at their R&D&I laboratory. There they make the thread and its covering, in addition to sewing the turf. They also oversee the production of the filling and the elasticated base.

Just like JUBO TENNIS, MONDO is successful and ensures the quality of its products through maintaining strict control over the complete production process, from design through to completion.


MONOFIBRE 4 NX is the strand out product from MONDO. The new 4NX filament maintains the successful semi-concave structural concept with three asymmetric ribs, refining some of the characteristics to significantly improve the sports and technical workings of artificial grass systems.

* More open angle and lower bend radius
* Greater thickness: 400 microns and lower width: 1 mm.
* Next gen polymer: new molecular orientation
* New stabilising additive: protection against UV activity
* New dual-tone shading, more lifelike
* Mild finish