Gerflor PVC

JUBO TENNIS has chosen indoor flooring manufacture GERFLOR for their excellent quality and reputation, guaranteed to ensure flooring that is 100% suited to the needs of any sportsperson.

Our Taraflex® flooring is used in the most prestigious sporting events:

– Olympic Games, since 1976
– World and national championships
– ATP circuit
– Masters Series


No matter their age or ability, a sportsperson can be sure of finding the best features from Taraflex® sports floorings, renowned for the ability to adapt to any and all needs. This is why Taraflex® sports floorings continue to lead the way and are considered undisputed leaders in synthetic indoor flooring.

Organisers of the most demanding events, sports managers of all kinds and sportspeople have always trusted Taraflex® sports floorings – the market leader. It is not just us saying this; take a look at the numbers:

– 6 million people take advantage of a Taraflex® sports flooring every day.
– Over 3,600 high level sports competition per year.
– Over 200,000 m2 installed every day around the world.

The advantages of Gerflor Taraflex flooring


A surface finish which behaves ‘intelligently’ and adapts the friction coefficient of the sports flooring to the action or movement performed.

It guarantees perfect balance and adherence in movements such as rapid acceleration, and it also helps the sportsperson to pivot and slide.

Moreover, the Triple Action Protecsol® system virtually eliminates the risk of friction burns, as it reduces the temperature generated and its duration.

Lastly, Triple Action Protecsol® entails much easier maintenance.


The new D-Max® surface complex is the result of a unique process by which calendared and pressed PVC layers of distinct densities are combined with a non-woven reinforced fibreglass mesh, the result of which is a highly resistant layer.

This achieves shear resistance and greater impact absorption, aside from improving the general durability of the surface complex.


This is a revolutionary foam layer manufacturing process: Cellular Xtreme Process.

By optimising the size and shape of the closed cells, a sportsperson can have even greater comfort and safety without losing out on protection against sinking or balance being lost when striding.


Total hygiene is guaranteed thanks to the Sanosol® bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment contained in the product, which lasts just as long as the sports flooring.

Our work is our best advertisement; contact us and we will let you know which are closest to you so you can see the quality of the materials and finishes we have on offer.