Tennis Courts

Our 30 years’ experience with tennis courts enables us to specialise in the best construction methods and, particularly, the bleeding edge sports floorings for tennis courts.

Improvements continue on a daily basis and we continue to add little features to ensure we are making the best courts on the market, so you can enjoy playing safely on them at any level.


GreenSet Resin

GreenSet Resin

For fast courts, we offer GreenSet® resin flooring. This is considered the best resin on the market, with the longest experience, greatest number of courts applied and the surface on which most national and international tournaments are played.

Clay Courts

We work closely with clay court manufacturers, having a perfect understanding of the worldwide market involved. Our experience makes us expert constructors of all the classic clay courts for tennis, but above all we would have to recommend the new solution known as ‘Synthetic Clay’. It has the same finish as classic clay, but requires minimal simple maintenance and can be used all year round.

Turf Courts

In the matter of turf tennis courts, we always advise using monofilament turf because the fibres are thicker, there are a higher number of stitches and monofilaments / fibre inserts in each stitch which do not compact or become slippery, leading to a slower and more comfortable game.

In terms of economic return, it is cheaper than any other turf. This is because as it does not compact, it requires less maintenance while lasting longer in perfect conditions – double the savings!