Padel Court

Historically, at JUBO TENNIS we stand out for manufacturing our metallic structures using the best materials.

We retain a long-term relationship with our clients, implementing improvements and small details to make the best courts on the market, so you can enjoy them while playing at any level with total safety and for the longest time possible.

As standard, we produce 3 different padel court models: VISION, FORTE and PANORAMIC – all with the very best qualities, but featuring different finishes.

In addition, we have the capacity and experience to make padel courts to your tastes and needs. Our courts are designed to always fulfil all the rules and regulations; choose according to what best suits your needs.



Tempered Glass

We only work with quality-assured nationally-produced (Spain) tempered glass, which is the only type certified for glass padel courts.

Supply and installation of 14 panels measuring 2995×1995 mm + 4 panels at 1995×1995 mm, with 6 and 4 counter-bored holes respectively; a total of 100 m2 tempered glass at 10 or 12 mm thick, with polished flat edges, fully standardised and perfectly planimetric. (We recommend 12 mm glass with the PANORAMIC)


Mondo Turf

In the matter of turf for padel, we recommend STX mono-filament from MONDO as they manufacture exclusively for padel and have the best quality / price ratio on the market.

STX monofilament fibre is made from ultra-resistant semi-concave polyethylene reinforced with a central rib. The turf as a whole has a large number of fibre inserts and total density (9000Dtex), offering slow, easy and comfortable play. It also has a flooring that requires little maintenance yet has an extended shelf life.

If you are thinking of installing a court on your own, JUBO TENNIS makes easy-to-install courts. We supply all materials packaged and protected so they can be transported, unloaded and installed perfectly.

Our courts and work are our best advertisement; contact us and we will let you know which of our courts are closest to you so you can see the quality of our materials and finishes, as well as our satisfied clients and users.