Multi-sports Facilities/span>

JUBO TENNIS builds multi-purpose and multi-sports facilities based on the measures available, or per the measurements and regulatory nature of each sport.

We can advise you on the sports flooring which will be best, for example GreenSet® resin which can be used with all sports because they are homogeneous, rapid, join-free and ultra-resistant surfaces. Additionally, the GreenSet® systems perfectly copy the bounce of the ball, enabling optimal, safe movement for all players.

Furthermore, we also have any equipment you could want for sports facilities, as we are direct dealers for the big international manufacturers.

Our courts and the satisfaction of our clients are our best advertisement; contact us and we will let you know which of our courts are closest to you so you can see the quality of the materials and finishes we have on offer.

Multi-sports Facilities with Resin

Multi-sports Facilities with Turf