Sports Constructions

At JUBO TENNIS we solely work on sports construction, always making sure to use the best materials, means and finishes. We retain a long-term relationship with our clients, implementing improvements and small details to make the best courts on the market.

As standard, we produce 3 different padel court models: VISION, FORTE and PANORAMIC – all with the very best qualities, but featuring different finishes. In addition, we have the capacity and experience to make padel courts to your tastes and needs. Our courts are designed to always fulfil all the rules and regulations; choose according to what best suits your needs.

Our 30 years’ experience with tennis courts enables us to specialise in the best construction methods and, particularly, the bleeding edge sports floorings for tennis courts, such as GreenSet® resin. This is considered the best resin on the market, with the longest experience, greatest number of courts applied and the surface on which most national and international tournaments are played.

We have highly qualified experienced personnel and transport available to build courts and install sports flooring at all times; this means no job is subcontracted nor any intermediaries involved.

On request, we can implement your project with its associated architectural study, build your sports court or adapt the present one, turnkey – all with the highest quality using the very best human and technical means.