JUBO TENNIS advises a large number of clients, including Sports, Tennis and Padel Clubs, Councils, Sports Boards and, also, individuals, who are looking for the best formula for each situation or need, though to suggesting the work and supplies needed by their caretakers in matters of the maintenance and construction of tennis, padel, football, basketball, multi-purpose, etc. facilities.

Equally, during and after the construction of our sports facilities we teach personnel involved in the maintenance of the facilities.

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EShould you not have your own personnel or machinery, JUBO TENNIS offers you the chance to hire a timely maintenance service or even a long-term scheduled service.

By machine-maintaining the artificial turf, you will:

a) Extend the life span of the artificial turf, delaying investment in a replacement.
b) Better conserve the original sporting properties of the turf, preventing bumps and lumps forming on the court which would lead to the ball bouncing improperly or strangely.
c) Minimise the risk of slipping and muscle damage.
d) The courts are a reflection of the Club: looking clean, organised and cared for ensures customer loyalty.

We also have the technical and machinery capacity to maintain clay and synthetic resin tennis surfaces.

We make regulatory sports markings for sports facilities of all sorts: clay, resin, PVC, polyurethane, concrete, etc.

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By means of the associated architectural study specialising in sports developments, we can undertake your project from any angle, starting from zero all the way to completed construction, expansion or reconstruction.

This way we can cover all your needs, from the beginning through to having your courts or sports centre turnkey.

This means great savings which can be reinvested as you see fit or to improve the quality, materials, finishes and assurances of your sports facilities.

You can also avoid problems through incoherence between obsolete or unsuitable materials or sports floorings, incorrect measurements or slopes, etc. through having the most accurate cost projection for your investment.